How to Make a Girl Feel Special

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Do you seeking for answer on how can you make a girl or your love one feel that she is special? Nothing can impress a girl more than a guy treating her as his princess.

Below are list of things you can consider about when you be with her. How to make her feel special from time to time.

Make her Feel secure and comfortable
A simple hug says a thousand words. Wind your arm around her waist, kiss her forehead and hug her. This makes her feel protected.

Flowers power
Yes, not all girls like flower, but most of them like the surprise. Find out what her favorite flower is and send her a bunch! She will remember what you did, and she will love it.

Hold her hand
Hold her hand is a simple gesture to make her feel she is important to be with you and you want whole world to see you’re together.

Is not about you, but her
Give her your full attention when possible. Show that you care for her by trying to take part in the things that she love doing and ask her questions about her hobbies so she knows that you are interested in her.

Tell her why she is so important to you
Tell her that she is your first priority and that you would always keep her happy in time of need. And don’t just say it, actually do it!

Facebook surprise
Do not overly done to show off, because this might irritating to others too! But once a while leave a secret message to her facebook walls, tell her how sweet to be with her. She may say she’s embarrassed, but she’ll actually love that you’re showing her off.

Cheers her up
If she is sad, sit closed to her and ask her how you can make it better. Do Things that make her feel cherished as a woman! Girl want a guy that can make them happy even when they are down.

Always be Supportive
No matter what is happening in your lives, be by her side and let her know that you are there to support her in every moment.

Stop argue with her
Yes she is always right! Although you feel is not! Do what she wants, sometimes.

Don’t make her feel guilty, especially if the first word she says is “sorry”

Be Honest
Tell her your feelings and honesty is the best key to winning her over.

Be with her, not conquer
Give her time to be with her friends. Being considerate enough to let her enjoying her personal time.

Consider her always at the 1st place
When another female is around, make sure you never make her feel left out. Make your girl feels as if she is number 1.

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  1. your spelling is horrendous.

    • Hi,

      Sorry for the unpleasant mistake. Please help spot any mistake you found, and we’ll improve it to make it better, so that it can be share with more peoples.

  2. This is horribly sexist and full of awful generalizations. You wanna do women a favor? Stop writing bs articles like this and instead write ones about learning the unique nature of your partner.

    P.S Women aren’t princesses, and they shouldn’t be treated like royalty or goddesses… only as equals and partners.

    • Hi IMHO,

      Do you have similar or related articles to best describe about this topic? I appreciate you can share with us, and bring inspiring story to our readers.

      many thanks!

      • I don’t know any articles off the top of my head. Most of the articles I’ve read are like yours. They’re generalizations about people. In my opinion it’s best to treat people as individuals. For example instead of “Bring her flowers” I would think “Find out what little things she appreciates, and surprise her with them” would be better advice.

        I find the advice with the headline “Stop argue with her” to be the most offensive to me. The idea that men should just agree with women even if they’re wrong is strong in our society. But that’s a sexist idea… in my opinion better advice would be to learn to compromise. Know what I mean?

        • Hi IMHO,

          Thanks for the advice and sharing. We’ll look into it.

          By the way Manyquote is sharing base website which we stumble across the web to look for related articles to be share with our readers. Feel free to become contributor to Manyquote if you found good articles to be share.

  3. If you want to be a doormat and be thrown away faster than you can realized WTH happened, this is the ultimate “to do” list.

    Source: Fucking life-experience.

  4. This can all be summed up with one main point.

    Be A Bitch.
    Don’t have any thoughts of your own. Don’t be an individual, sacrifice everything you care about for her, so that in the end you are a sad miserable lonely person with a girl who takes advantage of you because she knows she can.

  5. Thanks alot………..
    I think this is perfectly fine, n i will be able to my girl feel special.

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